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We are constantly turning over our well maintained rental fleet, giving you an opportunity for a great deal on your next automobile purchase. We take great pride in our rental business, and each car is thoroughly inspected and cleaned on a regular basis.
Why buy a rental car?
*Regular scheduled maintenance - Logs and receipts are available for inspection.
*Price - Compare our price to the dealerships and other auto sales outlets.
*Don't take our word for it, check out these articles:
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If you would like to take a test drive, or if you would like your mechanic to do an inspection, please contact us for an appointment. 
Rent for a day, and if you decide to purchase the vehicle, the rental fee is waived.
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A word about rental cars

Many times, dealerships will supplement their used car inventory with vehicles from rental car companies. The reason is simple: they need the inventory. A dealership can't just sit around and wait for customers to trade in what's popular, so they go out and buy desirable vehicles from rental companies, or at auction.

A lot of people are put off by this, but they shouldn't be. If a car is in good condition it shouldn't matter who the previous owner was.  In fact, you may even have a better chance that the vehicle was properly maintained because most rental companies perform regular maintenance.

Rentals will typically have a little higher mileage on them than comparable privately owned cars, but that also means they're priced lower. I have sold many a used car that came from a rental fleet and have had no complaints yet.